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PostPosted: Tue May 25, 2010 9:37 pm
by Amanda
Hi there, :)

I've decided to join this forum as I'm interested in Robos and hamsters generally (although I currently own 4 syrians and I'm not a hamster breeder). I've also had 3 of my syrians from Tammy so I know there will be plenty of good advice on this forum! Hope it continues to grow. Amanda

Re: Howdee!

PostPosted: Mon Jun 14, 2010 5:14 pm
by Tammy - Oak Farm
Welcome to the forum Amanda!! :D

thanks for joining :) hope you enjoy being here!

Tammy x

Re: Howdee!

PostPosted: Mon Jun 14, 2010 7:57 pm
by Amanda
Hi Tammy,

Thanks! :hurray: Sure I will - and will try and have a look around as often as I can.

Cheers - Amanda x