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Which Type of Hamster?

PostPosted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 6:34 pm
by BexPetz

This morning I found my long-haired syrian of 4 months dead in the cage. He was a thoroughly enjoyable and characteristic fellow and I will dearly miss him.
We now have some spare cages, and at some point I will be looking to get another hamster. I also have 5 roborovski hamsters, 7 gerbils, 8 rabbits and 3 chickens, but I have taken an interest in hamsters and would like an opinion as to which specie I could get next.
Of course, I could get another syrian but I will need to buy a new cage, or a series of bins. As much as I love syrian hamsters (especially long-haired ones) I am open to explore different breeds, and I have seen that a lot of people on this forum have knowledge of the hamsters I have been looking at.
Can anyone give me information on Dwarf Hamsters? I can research about the breeds but I would like an opinion from someone who has owned them before.
These are the breeds I have been looking at:
Russian Hamsters.
Chinese Hamsters.
Campbell Russian Hamsters and Winter Whites.

At the moment I have no knowledge of any of these hamsters, and would like to find out more.

1) How sociable are the breeds? I have read that female Chinese hamsters cannot be kept together. What are the best gender combinations for each type?
2) How tame are each of the hamsters? Are there any known traits?
3) Any other information about lifespan, etc. would be useful.

Thank you for reading,