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I love you Topsy xxx

PostPosted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 1:42 pm
by BexPetz
Topsy was in the adoption centre at Pets At Home. I can vividly remember the way she looked on the day we got her, the shop assistant who took her out of the cage and put her in a box for us. The door was jamned and she had to lift off the entire glass panel to get the little hamster out. Topsy was confident and sat there watching us in her cage on her first night, while we sat and watched her. I will never forget the time we came down later to see our new hamster, and I turned the light on. Tim in the cage next to her scurried away to hide, and the gerbils fled to safety, but Topsy ran to see us... never afraid.

My baby...

Her first litter with Tim she had three babies, but she consumed two and the third was found under the wood shavings, injured. Goodnight Tupney.

Topsy's second litter with Tim successed in 5 beautiful daughters, Tiara, Tilly, Tinkerbell, Heffalump and Skittles.

On the 17th November, Tuesday, 2009, I noticed that Topsy hadn't been out in a few days. Normally she would be racing around, up at the bars, in the wheel. She would come and sniff my hand, take food or climb on, but I never picked her up out of the cage...

I carried the cage upstairs into the bath but I hit a wall on the way and the whole cage clanged.

There was no movement. She shared the cage with Tilly and Tiara.

I opened up the cage and lifted up the house - two hamsters stared up at me, before scurrying away. I dug through the wood shavings. I found a shred of fur with a small bone hanging off it.

I knew then what had happened.

I found her under the wood shavings, buried, but I only saw her back legs and body.

We put her into a bag and I cleaned the cage and toys.

Did her children hurt her? Did they hurt her after she died?

How did she die?

I feel so guilty...

My baby.

I love you Topsy,

From your Mummy,


Re: I love you Topsy xxx

PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 3:02 pm
by Tammy - Oak Farm
So sorry for your loss Becky :(

sometimes we never know what really happened, but i am sure she is happy now at the bridge.

RIP Topsy xx

Tammy x

Re: I love you Topsy xxx

PostPosted: Wed Nov 25, 2009 8:26 pm
by BexPetz
Three days later Skittles, a robo in a different cage with different hamsters died in exactly the same way.

I love you Skittles.